If you have a Facebook business page chances are you’re feeling a little bit frustrated by how many of your followers you’re actually able to reach with each of your posts. For the last few years Facebook has been constantly adjusting their algorithms and getting business pages a smaller and smaller reach. Even if you have thousands of followers your post is probably only being shown to a few hundred of them. In fact, most business pages are only able to reach about 5 to 10%, at most, of their followers organically, but don’t worry because in today’s article I’m going to be sharing with you three different ways that you can beat Facebook’s algorithm, reach your audience, grow your following and actually start getting customers from Facebook.

I’m an online marketing strategist. I help companies grow their audience reach new customers and actually make more sales. In today’s article we’re talking about three different ways that you can beat Facebook’s algorithm:

The first way is by taking advantage of Facebook groups. Now you have no idea how much money marketers would have been willing to pay 20 years ago to have access to Facebook groups. Facebook groups are an incredible opportunity. In the past business people would travel to networking events such as trade shows to try to connect with potential customers. They would meet dozens, maybe a few hundred people and most of them won’t be in their target audience. They would hope to walk away with a couple key leads, but that wasn’t even guaranteed, but Facebook groups change all this. Now you can sit in your living room and join a group that is in your exact needs or full of your exact target clients. What’s more after you connect with these people in the groups and you start discussions with them and get to know them you actually already have their contact information because you can just send them a message on Facebook to follow up. That is an amazing opportunity that we did not have in the past. You should definitely be taking advantage of that to reach new customers and to be able to listen to your audience and hear about what their pain points are and what they’re looking for.

The second way that you can beat Facebook’s algorithm and get your content in front of more people so that you can grow your audience is by sharing content and creating content that has the characteristics that viral content does. Some pics of content are a lot more likely to become viral. Marketers have studied what makes content viral and they found some key elements such as content that sparks people’s emotions, makes them feel especially happy or sad, or people find funny. There are certain types of content that really trigger people to take action and make people want to share that content with their friends. When you create content like that and you post it you’re going to get a much bigger reach because you’re not just going to reach the people that your page normally would reach, but you also reach the audience as the people who see it and then choose to share it. Also I wanted to say that if you choose to invest in advertising such as by running Facebook ads and you’re doing it with this viral type of content then you’re going to get a lot more bang for your buck because you’ll reach a lot more people than those who you are specifically paying to reach every time your post gets shared you’ll reach even more people without having to pay anything more.

The third way to beat Facebook’s algorithm is to use Facebook ads for free, effectively at least. What I mean by this is if you are a business and you are selling something and you want to grow your audience you can run Facebook ads and if your funnel is constructed well then you can be making sales for every ad that you put up. This is actually an investment not an expense. A lot of people are hesitant to buy Facebook ads because they think that I don’t have enough money or I don’t have extra money to spend at least. Or they’re just being careful and they don’t waste their money, but really Facebook ads are an investment because you are making sales when you run ads so if you’re running an ad for people to join your email list and then once they’re on your email list you are marketing a product to them then you’re going to be making a return on your investment. If you spend $100 on Facebook ads hopefully you can sell enough product to make $200 back so you’re growing your audience while you’re making sales effectively getting to use Facebook ads for free. You’re growing your audience for free. This is an amazing way to beat Facebook’s algorithm because you can put your post in front of as many people as you want while making a profit at the same time. don’t let the opportunity slip by because that is amazing.

Just to recap the three ways that you can be Facebook’s algorithm are using Facebook groups to their ultimate advantage, connecting with your customers to be sure to share all content so that your reach is increased and by utilizing ads so that you get free advertising and grow your audience that helps you make more sales.

I hope you found this article helpful and I am interested to know which of these different strategies you may already use or which one you’re going to try in the future to reach your audience better on Facebook. Shoot me an email if you have more strategies.