Family History Video Production Company

Since Spring has begun, you’re likely seeing a rise in advertisements targeted towards families.  This can become apparent with a variety of ads, for example, local zoos, amusement parks and local libraries are rolling-out their latest promotions to bring you in the door!

With this in mind, we wanted to cover some related types of companies to get your creative juices flowing in case, you too, are targeting your marketing towards families.  With inspiring examples, you might be better prepared to rollout your own family marketing program.

Plan Your Visit Landing Page

Plan Your Visit Webpage

When it comes to tailoring your digital marketing for your audience of families, nothing competes with with “Plan Your Visit” page so that you can spell it all out for them.  The MAC Live has an example of this where they mention aspects for newcomers to enjoy their facilities.  For parents of newborns, they specify all of the options and discount that is available (eg. children under 1 are free admission), and more pertinent information is communicated on their webpage.

Providing Clear Communication

Family History Video Production Company

In today’s world, branding is more important than ever.  For this video production company that produces unique family history videos, their messaging is clear as day: every family has a story worth saving.  With the messaging and background image, it quickly conveys what the company is about.  By being intrigued with the messaging, the natural progression for a user is to scroll further down the screen and review other benefits of the company which will in effect, improve the dwell time for the site.

The Press Release

Family DNA Press Release Webpage

When targeting family audiences, we all know that people like to be in-the-know.  One way to get in front of the right audience is by producing a press release.  With press releases, your story could realistically be picked-up and distributed by news organizations across the world!

For example this Family Tree DNA Company has the right idea: they found an angle for developing a human interest story which correlates with their main product offering: dna kits.  With the press release, they also included videos which is a more rich form of communication, in addition to adding supporting copy and images.  It all adds up to create an interesting piece for prospective reporters that are in the position to actually publish your article on their news website/s.

To Sum Up

There are a variety of ways for how you might apply these techniques for cornering the broad market of families.  By adding these concepts, along with other activities in your marketing mix, you will be well on-your-way for increasing your chances of success with your next campaign rollout.

We love you guys!  If you have other requests for market research pertaining to digital marketing, please contact us to let us know!