Marketing is an essential part of any company. In this generation, most people are relying on online transactions. However, there is a large number of people who are not conversant with the internet. This makes it difficult for companies to decide between online marketing and traditional marketing. Online marketing, also known as digital marketing, refers to the strategy used to bring awareness and build the reputation of a company on an online platform, for example, email and social media marketing. Traditional marketing refers to the conventional methods used in marketing since marketing and business came into existence such as newspapers and radios. This article outlines how online marketing is different from traditional marketing.

Online Marketing Is More Cost Effective than Traditional Marketing

Online marketing is cost-effective. Even though online ads can be quite costly, traditional methods have proven to be more expensive. Printing materials such as newspapers, magazines, and flyers incur a lot of money. Online marketing yields quick real-time results as compared to traditional marketing where one has to wait for a while before getting actual results.

Digital tools show the number of customer views, the rate of product conversation, and product acceptance and competition. Space and advertisement frequency in traditional marketing is limited. This is not the case for online marketing where a business can own an entire website or social media account where it can promote its products and ads. This helps in the consistent development of your brand image.

Online Advertisements Are Non-Intrusive

Advertisements and commercials featured in newspapers and televisions often go ignored because of intrusiveness and lack of interest. However, in online marketing, customers can choose which ads to view, and entrepreneurs have the opportunity to select the target audience for their ads. This makes ads non-intrusiveness and less annoying.

Traditional Advertisements Limit Audience Interaction

Online ads have more significant exposure in comparison to traditional marketing. Online platforms have a large audience with people from all over the world. Entrepreneurs have the opportunity to interact with the audience and get feedback on your brand and products. Conventional methods do not allow interaction with the audience unless through the use of a PR team. Online marketing gets your business instant publicity. It allows even the small and start-up businesses to expand the presence of their brand and manage their marketing and advertisement front.

Online Marketing Can Be Easily Tracked with Tools

Traditional marketing renders the small and start-up businesses at a disadvantage. Lastly, online marketing has easy analytics. It makes marketing efforts much quick and easy. The entrepreneur can quickly determine the strategies that are working for their business through Google Analytics, bounce rate, profit, inbound traffic, conversion rate, and the general trend. These methods increase the chances of acquiring desirable results.


The online versus traditional marketing clash is mainly in favor of online marketing. Nevertheless, the two marketing strategies cannot work without each other. Conventional marketing methods help support online marketing efforts. We require hardcopy materials such as brochures to strengthen the relationship with interested contacts. Therefore, it is advisable to use a multi-channel approach, rather than the all or nothing approach, to merge the benefits of paper with the accessibility and convenience of digital tools.

Do you have other reasons why traditional marketing is inferior to online marketing. We would be glad to hear from you!