Where Can I Find Online Marketing Scholarships and Grants?

Paying for a marketing degree can seem like a daunting task but there are literally millions of dollars in help for the hopeful student.  Just a few of the financial aid opportunities are listed below.

  1. FAFSA
    With just about every school asking for one to receive financial aid, this is a lengthy but necessary form. One of the best aspects of it is that it is accepted by just about every accredited school out there.
  2. Hope and Life Time Learning Educational Credits
    No matter whether tax time is your favorite or most hated time of the year, if you have spent relevant time earning an accredited marketing or other degree, you probably qualify for one of these. These credits are applied to your tax return and the IRS has an FAQ for those interested.
  3. College.gov
    Learn the difference between scholarships and grants on this site. A basic guide is available, along with what funding is out there and how to be wary of bad deals and scams.
  4. Students.gov
    A little more advanced than the above, students of all levels and area of study are also welcome to visit here. Lengthy sections on how to plan and pay for school are available as well as tools for career development.
  5. Educational Grants Programme
    Marketing degree and other students in the United Kingdom can visit here to get more information on funding for their education. You can also do a search and learn more about services.
  6. American Association of Advertising Agencies
    If looking to go into the advertising aspect of marketing, click here. The 4A Foundation offers several scholarships for marketing degrees and has more information on how to apply.
  7. FastWeb
    This site’s focus is to make paying for school easier. Simply create a profile to begin your search for marketing scholarships and grants.
  8. Scholarships.com
    Similar to the above, they connect millions of students with billions of dollars in scholarships and other aid. Do a search for scholarships by type, location, and more.
  9. Business School Scholarships
    Because marketing and business often go hand in hand, so do the scholarships. About.com lists ten business school scholarships, with a few even specializing in marketing.

One of the most important things to remember when searching for financial aid is to be wary of scams. Many agencies or individuals will offer to search for or even apply for scholarships on your behalf for a payment. There is no such thing as a guaranteed scholarship and anyone who offers one is not being truthful. There are also scams involving the FAFSA and involve payment in return for help filling it out. A high school counselor or financial aid professional at the school you are applying to can actually do a better job of it at no charge.

School loans are another subject of concern with students pursuing a marketing degree. Unlike a scholarship or grant, student loans do have to be paid back. Be sure and research to find the student loan that is right for you and even if it is right for you. Good loans often consist of a reasonable amount of money lent, a few years for payments to begin, and a low interest rate.