What Sorts of Careers are There With an Online Marketing Degree?

Although many jobs have “marketer in the title, this is by no means the only area of employment for those with a marketing degree.

  1. Sales Marketer
    Just like the title suggests, this marketer focuses on the sales side of business.
  2. Advertising Marketer
    Catch phrases, print ads, and even commercials are all the focus of this marketing position.
  3. Media Marketer
    This marketer focuses on using the new media such as the internet, email, and social media to promote and sell their product or service.
  4. Public Relations
    The image of the company, organization, or agency is what public relations professionals work on. There are even private for hire companies that can work with several clients.
  5. Brand Marketing
    Ever hear the phrase “grow your brand? These marketing professionals live it.
  6. Promotions Marketer
    This professional will work on the design and implementation of a marketing campaign to get word out on a product.
  7. Certified Professional Marketer
    Although a certification is not necessary when becoming a marketer, it can help you land a position like this. Certification can be asked of a marketer who wants to enter into a leadership position.
  8. Marketing Manager
    They often head up a project or product including all of its marketing aspects.
  9. Marketing Director
    These leaders head up the marketing department of a company or specific area and are tasked with tons of responsibility.

Just about every area in the private and public sectors need marketing. From breakfast cereals to the Office of the President of the United States, everyone has marketers to assist them in putting their best foot forward. Popular industries that currently hire marketers include computer systems, management companies, scientific services, insurance, and more. If looking to work in a specific area such as healthcare or hospitality, there are actually marketing degrees with focuses in those and other areas.