Today we’re talking about how to market your business effectively. A lot of people have this sort of thing that they think that they’re “doing this marketing”, but we want to teach you how to actually market effectively.  Alright so if you’re in a business, you need to listen up!

If you look at any of the Facebook groups, you’ll see what bad marketing is.  So now the question is: what is real marketing how do you do it?

Keep in mind, there is a very tiny percentage of people who are ready to buy right away.  Nowadays, everyone is a researcher and they want to find out information before they go ahead and buy so what are you supposed to be doing at the moment?  Well, if they’re looking for information, you should be on the other end giving that information.

Know your target market: what are they looking for, what questions are they asking, what are they struggling with, what do they want you to provide that for them?  You want to deliver them with value so you can educate them while you want to brand yourself.

Think about this: let’s say that you’re trying to promote your network marketing business right. Do you think that people respond to join this opportunity, “Make $10000 a week with a one dollar lesson” or a blog post that says, “Four things you should know before you get involved in network marketing?” Which one would somebody respond to?

You Choose:

  1. Join this program and make $50000
  2. Four things you should know before you start a home based business
  3. Four things you should know before you start with a marketing program
  4. Four things you should know before you start going to flee market
  5. How to pick a good network marketing company
  6. How to pick a good affiliate marketing company
  7. Join this opportunity for only a dollar — people are making hundreds of thousands of dollars this week!
  8. None of the above

You know the problem with that if you’re a normal minded person you must feel like “this is a scam” or  “something is up with that” (because it seems fishy).  When people see that, they automatically leave. They keep scrolling. You must stop being the type of person that people are running from and be the person that people are running to because they know that you are going to provide a solution for their problems.

Think of it like this– if it was you and you were on the computer and you saw a pitch like: put a penny down to make $10000– would you go for that?  So why do you think that if you do it someone will actually come to you? It doesn’t work.  That is not marketing– that is spamming.

While everybody’s trying to get the tiny percentage of people– the tiny percentage of people who are ready to buy right now– if you focus on the people who are in research mode and then go through you to the information provided later on (when they’re ready to buy), you’ll do way better.

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