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Founded by Anthony Casalena, Squarespace is a software service that provides tools for website building and a platform to host the websites. Initially, Squarespace was used by only family members and friends, after that, in 2003 Casalena introduced it to the public. Hosting at least a million website at the moment, Anthony Casalena was the only employee at the time of its creation, and he would design, engineer as well as support the entire program in his dormitory in Maryland. Squarespace has made tremendous advancements since then to this particular moment

Considerations with Squarespace and SEO

The ranking is not assured.¬† These website hosting platforms don’t want you to know that they cannot guarantee your website will obtain rankings. Ranking determines how first your content will be found when someone initiates a particular search; this can also be put as the search visibility of your content. The higher the ranking, the higher the chances that your content will be placed on the first page. With a lower ranking, it will seem like you don’t exist altogether. The one thing that a Squarespace SEO will not tell you is that they can’t assure your ranking status at all. There are so many factors that are considered before you ranking is determined and expert SEOs are just trying to sell their services but can’t guarantee you anything concerning website ranking.

Metric Tracking is not as Hard as They Suggest

When launching a website, the host company often use ambiguous terms with the aim of showing clients how tedious the process is, as this gives them the desired room to charge exorbitant prices for the service. Mostly what they don’t want you to know is that metric tracking shouldn’t be that expensive. Metric tracking is the qualitative analysis of the web data that has been collected and measured to determine a particular web usage, in simpler terms; this is a way of keeping track of the number of people visiting a website. It is important to know that these services can be rendered free by sites such as Google Analytics and therefore they are not supposed to be expensive at all.

They Often Don’t Know as Much as They Claim

Companies always claim they know a lot than they really do, apart from the information shared by good direction and other findings made by dedicated SEO researchers, there is barely any additional information a company will claim to know. Squarespace will do everything to make sure your website is as perfect as you wish it to be, but they can’t make any promises. Most of the companies– if not all– don’t even have the idea of what the Google algorithm looks like. Most of the times they try as hard as they can to hide it from you, but the truth is with extensive search, anyone can gain as much information as the companies themselves.

Content is not the Only Success Determinant

As much as content is key in SEO, it is also good to know that good content requires people to read it, else, no one will even know it is good in the first place. There are some things that should be facilitated as well so that your content makes meaning; this includes the required traffic to ensure your website is widely spread to reach your readers. So the SEO agencies tend to hide the simple fact that good content is just part of the process.

Popularity Can’t be Achieved in Days

Squarespace SEOs can’t make your website go viral in a couple of days or months. This is a gradual process that requires both patience and hard work before you start noticing any change. The company cannot be 100% sure that they can popularize your website in a specific length of time. They can only do whatever it takes to see that through.

Finally, it is very important to know that people can come up with the good website all by themselves, though, there are also professionals who develop square space websites for a living.

SEO is a vast industry that is ever changing with time. This means keeping up with the latest trend is key to developing perfect websites as well as content. There are numerous things that SEO companies won’t like you find out since this will prove that what they do is not rocket science at all, but just a simple task anyone can perform.