On Sales Funnel and Their Importance in 2020

The prediction for 2020 and beyond is that sales funnels — aka marketing funnels — will become more important than ever for leveraging your marketing and sales efforts online.  To grow a business, a lot of different aspects need to be working in concert in order to get more customers.  Beyond the marketing mix, marketers must understand how to utilize the leads that they have access to, and be prepared for maximizing their efforts.  In this post, we want to provide you with a high-level view for what is important to understand with sales funnels so that you can use these modern tools to grow your business systematically.

End Game

With sales funnels, you must think with the end-in-mind.  Typically the end game with sales funnels are your leads/customers within a nurturing stage (of the funnel) which are continuously “warmed” so that you can continuously sell your products and services in an automated way.  This all has to be thought-out, though, beforehand in order to maximize your results.

To start along this line of thinking, think of the end-in-mind with your business.  What kinds of communications would be the most ideal for your best kind of customers?  If you could have a magic wand and invent die-hard customers of your brand, how often would they buy and how often would you be asking them to buy from your brand?  Thinking of questions like this from the start will help you design your funnel for effectiveness from the start.

Funnel Analytics

After you’ve thought about your end-game with the funnel, consider all the different stages of the buyer’s journey with your brand and how you can strategically move your audience to the next stages.  A starting point could be the following:

Google Analytics

Facebook Pixel

Google Ads Pixel

With the above tools, you can map out the stages of your funnel, and with the help of the tools, you can strategically develop content and call-to-actions to convert your audience to the next stages.  With tools like the Facebook Pixel and Google Ads Pixel strategically placed on webpages within your funnel, you could then utilize advertising money to target specific types of audiences in an attempt to move to the next stage within your funnel.

Funnel Mapping

Once you’ve thought about your high-level goals (in terms of effectiveness with your business goals and efficiency with your ads dollars), the next step is to map it all out.  Luckily, you don’t have to overthink how to do everything from scratch (eg to build a landing page that connects with a Facebook Pixel that connects with an ad, etc) because there are resources available for you to actually build and customize your funnel available on the internet.

A starting point that I always recommend is to go with a sales funnel template as it’ll save you a lot of time and effort from the beginning.  Depending on the type of offer you are promoting, you can find done-for-you sales funnels that you can simply customize with your own logo and email address.  That’s really the best part about creating a funnel in 2020 — nowadays, marketers have already done the hard labor to see what works and what doesn’t in the marketplace which helps you by providing you with proven systems so you don’t have to afford all of the research and development costs with your funnel.

The important part to get it to actually make sense for your business, though, is to have a mindset of “always be testings’!

We’re excited to see all the different use cases for funnels and how they’re useful in the marketplace in 2020 and this next decade.  If you have an interesting idea related to this topic, we’d love to hear how you’re using sales funnels in your business.  Please consider contacting us and telling us more about your discoveries in the marketplace– and who knows, you might be the next featured on this blog!

Targeting Family Audiences with Marketing

Family History Video Production Company

Since Spring has begun, you’re likely seeing a rise in advertisements targeted towards families.  This can become apparent with a variety of ads, for example, local zoos, amusement parks and local libraries are rolling-out their latest promotions to bring you in the door!

With this in mind, we wanted to cover some related types of companies to get your creative juices flowing in case, you too, are targeting your marketing towards families.  With inspiring examples, you might be better prepared to rollout your own family marketing program.

Plan Your Visit Landing Page

Plan Your Visit Webpage

When it comes to tailoring your digital marketing for your audience of families, nothing competes with with “Plan Your Visit” page so that you can spell it all out for them.  The MAC Live has an example of this where they mention aspects for newcomers to enjoy their facilities.  For parents of newborns, they specify all of the options and discount that is available (eg. children under 1 are free admission), and more pertinent information is communicated on their webpage.

Providing Clear Communication

Family History Video Production Company

In today’s world, branding is more important than ever.  For this video production company that produces unique family history videos, their messaging is clear as day: every family has a story worth saving.  With the messaging and background image, it quickly conveys what the company is about.  By being intrigued with the messaging, the natural progression for a user is to scroll further down the screen and review other benefits of the company which will in effect, improve the dwell time for the site.

The Press Release

Family DNA Press Release Webpage

When targeting family audiences, we all know that people like to be in-the-know.  One way to get in front of the right audience is by producing a press release.  With press releases, your story could realistically be picked-up and distributed by news organizations across the world!

For example this Family Tree DNA Company has the right idea: they found an angle for developing a human interest story which correlates with their main product offering: dna kits.  With the press release, they also included videos which is a more rich form of communication, in addition to adding supporting copy and images.  It all adds up to create an interesting piece for prospective reporters that are in the position to actually publish your article on their news website/s.

To Sum Up

There are a variety of ways for how you might apply these techniques for cornering the broad market of families.  By adding these concepts, along with other activities in your marketing mix, you will be well on-your-way for increasing your chances of success with your next campaign rollout.

We love you guys!  If you have other requests for market research pertaining to digital marketing, please contact us to let us know!

Car Magnets Still Great For Advertising?

car with car magnets

Car magnets are just customized signs which are thin, strong and durable that are usually stuck on cars to help in advertising as they aim at attracting new clients and customers to a certain business. They are used in creating brand awareness since they increase the exposure of a certain brand of product.

Research has shown that car magnets are the most effective form of doing advertisement as they have the ability to reach a large audience. When driving your car, you will likely make so many impressions with the magnetic signs that are attached on the car.  For a brand to be effectively and efficiently promoted to the potential customers, the advertising magnet need to be very captivating, innovative and appealing so as to attract the attention of the customer and make him or her develop the urge to use the product as he or she already likes the product.

The magnets should also be safe from paint so that they can be designed and stuck on the car with perfect allowance of peeling them off and reusing them again.

How to design attractive car magnets

First of all, ensure that you have all the necessary details of the product that you want to advertise using the car magnet. Get the best brand name or the name of the product that you want to design its car magnet right, with the correct specifications. Come up with an amazing way or format that you will use in order to ensure that the car magnet is very clear, interesting and it is able to give a glance picture of the product.

Prepare Signage

Come up with a certain motto that you will include in the car magnet so that it can easily convince, assure and motivate the potential customers of the brand being promoted.  Always come up with an innovative way in which you stress in the motto because it is the marketing template and hence it needs to be well emphasized. Ensure that you create a very nice tagline, a marketing message or a special phrase that is associated or linked to the brand or product that you want to advertise on the car magnet. The tagline tells the audience the reason why they should consider hiring your services. The statement must be made as short as possible to enable the audience to memorize it. It should always be unique and awesome.

Double-check Contact Information

There must be current contact information on the car magnet in order to ensure your availability. The contact information should be made in bold and very visible in order to make sure that no potential customer is missed out. Include your own website so as to increase the traffic from mobile phone users who can check out the website and access your services from their smartphones or web browsers.

Ensure Readability

Use of visible and best contrast colors. Company colors should be used in a way that will allow maximum and easier readability and visibility of the text and message on the car magnet.  The contents of the car magnet must be very easy to read and the fonts that should be used must be appealing and pleasant for the eyes.

Ensure Cleanliness

The car magnet must always be kept clean and well maintained so that their lifespan and quality is assured.

To Sum Up

The global advertising field has grown and in recent days, car magnets have been considered one of the most influential forms of product and brand promotions. However, for a car magnet to meet the intended purpose and effectiveness, it must be designed in a very innovative way considering the above stated steps.

Helpful Tips When Learning Squarespace SEO

Dropshipping with Shopify SEO

Founded by Anthony Casalena, Squarespace is a software service that provides tools for website building and a platform to host the websites. Initially, Squarespace was used by only family members and friends, after that, in 2003 Casalena introduced it to the public. Hosting at least a million website at the moment, Anthony Casalena was the only employee at the time of its creation, and he would design, engineer as well as support the entire program in his dormitory in Maryland. Squarespace has made tremendous advancements since then to this particular moment

Considerations with Squarespace and SEO

The ranking is not assured.  These website hosting platforms don’t want you to know that they cannot guarantee your website will obtain rankings. Ranking determines how first your content will be found when someone initiates a particular search; this can also be put as the search visibility of your content. The higher the ranking, the higher the chances that your content will be placed on the first page. With a lower ranking, it will seem like you don’t exist altogether. The one thing that a Squarespace SEO will not tell you is that they can’t assure your ranking status at all. There are so many factors that are considered before you ranking is determined and expert SEOs are just trying to sell their services but can’t guarantee you anything concerning website ranking.

Metric Tracking is not as Hard as They Suggest

When launching a website, the host company often use ambiguous terms with the aim of showing clients how tedious the process is, as this gives them the desired room to charge exorbitant prices for the service. Mostly what they don’t want you to know is that metric tracking shouldn’t be that expensive. Metric tracking is the qualitative analysis of the web data that has been collected and measured to determine a particular web usage, in simpler terms; this is a way of keeping track of the number of people visiting a website. It is important to know that these services can be rendered free by sites such as Google Analytics and therefore they are not supposed to be expensive at all.

They Often Don’t Know as Much as They Claim

Companies always claim they know a lot than they really do, apart from the information shared by good direction and other findings made by dedicated SEO researchers, there is barely any additional information a company will claim to know. Squarespace will do everything to make sure your website is as perfect as you wish it to be, but they can’t make any promises. Most of the companies– if not all– don’t even have the idea of what the Google algorithm looks like. Most of the times they try as hard as they can to hide it from you, but the truth is with extensive search, anyone can gain as much information as the companies themselves.

Content is not the Only Success Determinant

As much as content is key in SEO, it is also good to know that good content requires people to read it, else, no one will even know it is good in the first place. There are some things that should be facilitated as well so that your content makes meaning; this includes the required traffic to ensure your website is widely spread to reach your readers. So the SEO agencies tend to hide the simple fact that good content is just part of the process.

Popularity Can’t be Achieved in Days

Squarespace SEOs can’t make your website go viral in a couple of days or months. This is a gradual process that requires both patience and hard work before you start noticing any change. The company cannot be 100% sure that they can popularize your website in a specific length of time. They can only do whatever it takes to see that through.

Finally, it is very important to know that people can come up with the good website all by themselves, though, there are also professionals who develop square space websites for a living.

SEO is a vast industry that is ever changing with time. This means keeping up with the latest trend is key to developing perfect websites as well as content. There are numerous things that SEO companies won’t like you find out since this will prove that what they do is not rocket science at all, but just a simple task anyone can perform.

What I Learned About New Methods for SEO Tips and Techniques

seo tips for search engines

Understanding basic concepts of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the key to make your online business get a boost in search rankings. This is the reason why SEO tips and techniques is a must for all entrepreneurs that aim to make profits on the Internet.

There are very many tactics circulating on the web, but how many of them are really effective? Competence is a factor that can either be on your side or become a threat. The best thing to do is to go step-by-step, verifying the effectiveness of each of the following pieces of advice, already proved by experimented business runners.

The SEO Tips and Techniques that can change the course of your company direction are listed below.  I will admit, the information did originate from a call from one of the eCommerce SEO experts in Kansas City, though, other pieces came from web searches, too.  Here is the list of tips:

SEO-friendly URLs

Make sure the names of your url looks similar to this: fine-wines.html. It is important to bear in mind that an excessive use of hyphens makes your url look spammy. This will prevent users from clicking it and you will be losing sales. Nevertheless, hyphens are preferred to underscores since the former are taken as spaces, while the latter are not.

Get Well-informed When Hiring a SEO Company

Needless is to say that you will have to do your own research as well, but questions about possible risks and the kind of SEO Tips and Techniques the company uses are essential.

Unique and Relevant Titles

This has to be done on every single post; three or four-word titles are unlikely to rank. The most suitable amount of characters oscillates between forty and sixty. The relevance of the topic and how catchy the title is will make an Internet surfer click on it or just skip it.

Write for People– not Algorithms

It may be tempting to call Google boys attention by stuffing your article with keywords. However, readability is one of the main factors your readers (who are the potential buyers, never forget this) are going to demand from your article in order to take their eyes up to the end and, at least, subscribe to your page.

Unique Content Wins

Spun articles, plagiarism and the eternal repetition of the retailer’s product description are no other thing than enemies. Either thinking about sales or getting inbound links– originality is the answer.

Keyword Research

This is one of the SEO Tips that must be done at the beginning. There are paid and free programs to carry out this investigation that will allow you to know the numbers you need to know to choose the correct keywords.

Make the Most of Press Releases

They are undoubtedly a weapon you can use to enhance the activity of your site. However, using them wisely is they key to reach your target audience. This means that you should only launch one when you have something important and new to say.

Create your Blog and Interact with Other Blogs

In order to obtain links and exposure, not only should you navigate in search of other blogs, but also you will need to leave comments on them.

Learn Everything about SEO

Fortunately, nowadays it is easier than ever to follow smart SEO Tips since they exist online, courses and even printed books that teach you all you have to know to become a SEO expert.

Sitemap Pages

You may need only one or several, depending on the size of your site.  If you want your page indexed by spiders, help them understand it with sitemaps.

Be patient, wise and active!  No one said it was easy. The Internet is still an unknown world in several aspects. Therefore, do not expect to have instant results. Use your resources intelligently and continue investigating.

3 Tips for Twitter Marketing in 2018


While browsing the web for some inspiration, I still notice that some people still don’t know how to do social media marketing right– in 2018.  The microblogging platform Twitter has been around for several years, and though the platform has evolved– such as the announcement for expanding the character limit to be 280 characters for a tweet — marketers must evolve to meet the changing behaviors when using this platform.

Though there are pros and cons for using social media, one of the great things with our society is that we’ve moved past the “post what you had for dinner” phase– remember that?  Social media has kept to its promise of being a thriving industry in itself, and it’s no wonder why more and more companies are flocking to the platform.  When you go to Twitter to market your business, keep in mind these tips to keep your followers engaged.




Tips for Twitter Marketing

When marketing on Twitter, it’s important to remember who your audience is– make sure your marketing messages are on-point for your specific audience.

Social Search on Twitter

Though you will be delivering “tweets” to your audience, keep in mind that other people will likely be able to stumble upon your posts via results from social searches.  Social search is the term used for when a user searches for a topic-of-interest (in the search bar on Twitter), and then is presented a search result of topics related to that topic.  In the past, people have targeted this feature alone as a way to get organic (free!) traffic to their Twitter profile (or website).

To use this effectively, ensure your tweets resonate with your specific audience, but are also searchable in Twitter Search.

Use of Hashtags

When searching Twitter, the use of hashtags are of prime importance for your marketing in order to get more views to your tweet.  Hashtags contain the “#” in front of the word (example: #example), and can provide more organic visitors to your site.  When doing a hashtag aimed for social search in Twitter, keep in mind that you should aim for hashtags for words/phrases that are related to your tweet, though, aren’t the exact same syntax.

For example, if I was tweeting about a new pair of shoes and say the shoes were Air Jordans, if the tweet didn’t contain “shoes” already, I might add the “#shoes” hashtag along with “#footwear” to the tweet.  Does that make sense?

Use of Marketing Automation

Of course, no one likes to be blasted with unwanted messages and there is a wrong and a right way to doing social media marketing automation.  You should never aim to spam someone, though, there are tasteful ways to market your business with the use of social media marketing automation for Twitter.

For example, while searching for a moving company in LA, I came across this Twitter profile for Finale Movers.  Though it appears there is some form of marketing automation going on, it’s still engaging and helps their moving company promote their business online– they have over 400 followers so it must be working!

The wrong way for Twitter automation is by @replying or spamming people.  Nobody likes to be spammed.  Consider marketing automation as a way to support your online marketing campaign, and you’ll be good to go!

In Conclusion

These were just a few tips to make sure you’re headed in the right direction for your marketing this year!  Let me know if you have any other ideas, by sending a note in the contact form.

Marketing in 2018 – Why So Many More Opportunities This Year

Online marketing is continuing to grow year after year. More traditional businesses are beginning to see how they can get more exposure and better spend their marketing dollars. Some traditional businesses like auto repair specialists, hairstylists, and painters had customers long before the internet and have held back when it comes to marketing online. They want to use the marketing methods they’ve always used because they’ve always brought in customers, right?

The shift they are beginning to see is that less and less people are driving around looking for an auto repair shop, hairstylist, or painter. They either search in Google for the best company are around their area, use personal assistants like Siri or Alexa, or go on sites like Angie’s List to find which companies are highly rated. While those traditional businesses can still perform their service they are now competing with other lesser known companies that are more visible to potential customers on search engines and have better online reviews. Traditional companies now have to compete with companies that weren’t their competitors ten years ago.


So fortunately there is a procedure for ranking higher than your competitors so that you get noticed more than your competitors. After all, who actually looks on the second page of Google’s search results? The keys to success are content, links, and keywords. Content means media, like photos, videos, and articles. Links to your site represent that others have trust in your site, and keywords are how potentially customers will find your site.

Content is king. I’m sure you’ve heard this before. Content is one criteria that Google uses to determine how to rank sites against one another. Google wants to present sites to the users that are trustworthy and relevant. One way to beat your competitor is to have more content, that means more relevant pictures, longer informational articles and more videos. If an article is longer it’s considered more relevant and will rank higher than shorter articles. Typically 500 to 750 words is considered a minimum amount of words for an article.

The next criteria is links. You want as many websites relevant to your site to put your website’s url on their website. When they put your website’s url on their website it’s called a backlink. When a website gives your website a backlink it’s considered a vote of trust. Google considers websites that have more backlinks to have more trust and therefore will present those websites to their users as trusted sources.

The final criteria is keywords. You should be familiar with these. These are the words or phrases you input in a search engine to find what you’re looking for. Because search engine users rarely search the second page of Google it’s important to determine what keywords your website should rank for. Be particular and very focused because there may be lots of competition for the keywords you choose so you have to be able to differentiate your website from everyone else’s.

So here were my thoughts on online marketing. It’s worth the time now to market your business online because things will continually change and the traditional companies won’t survive if they aren’t diversified.

For more ideas on marketing your business with online marketing and SEO, I’d recommend you check out taking an internet marketing course.

Thoughts on Marketing Your Business Effectively

Today we’re talking about how to market your business effectively. A lot of people have this sort of thing that they think that they’re “doing this marketing”, but we want to teach you how to actually market effectively.  Alright so if you’re in a business, you need to listen up!

If you look at any of the Facebook groups, you’ll see what bad marketing is.  So now the question is: what is real marketing how do you do it?

Keep in mind, there is a very tiny percentage of people who are ready to buy right away.  Nowadays, everyone is a researcher and they want to find out information before they go ahead and buy so what are you supposed to be doing at the moment?  Well, if they’re looking for information, you should be on the other end giving that information.

Know your target market: what are they looking for, what questions are they asking, what are they struggling with, what do they want you to provide that for them?  You want to deliver them with value so you can educate them while you want to brand yourself.

Think about this: let’s say that you’re trying to promote your network marketing business right. Do you think that people respond to join this opportunity, “Make $10000 a week with a one dollar lesson” or a blog post that says, “Four things you should know before you get involved in network marketing?” Which one would somebody respond to?

You Choose:

  1. Join this program and make $50000
  2. Four things you should know before you start a home based business
  3. Four things you should know before you start with a marketing program
  4. Four things you should know before you start going to flee market
  5. How to pick a good network marketing company
  6. How to pick a good affiliate marketing company
  7. Join this opportunity for only a dollar — people are making hundreds of thousands of dollars this week!
  8. None of the above

You know the problem with that if you’re a normal minded person you must feel like “this is a scam” or  “something is up with that” (because it seems fishy).  When people see that, they automatically leave. They keep scrolling. You must stop being the type of person that people are running from and be the person that people are running to because they know that you are going to provide a solution for their problems.

Think of it like this– if it was you and you were on the computer and you saw a pitch like: put a penny down to make $10000– would you go for that?  So why do you think that if you do it someone will actually come to you? It doesn’t work.  That is not marketing– that is spamming.

While everybody’s trying to get the tiny percentage of people– the tiny percentage of people who are ready to buy right now– if you focus on the people who are in research mode and then go through you to the information provided later on (when they’re ready to buy), you’ll do way better.

Learn about our other marketing ideas here!