How Do I Become a Marketer?

Becoming a marketer can take several years or months depending on your current amount of education or experience. For example, if a student chooses an internship or work for study program while getting an education, they can get credit for both their degree and relevant work experience when applying for a full time position.

If you already have a related degree, time spent studying can also significantly be reduced. A bachelor’s degree in marketing or related field can have a student in a graduate marketing program and earning a master’s in as little as 18 months depending on the school offering a degree. If currently employed, check with a supervisor or human resources department to see if there are any options for continuing education. In some cases an employer may be willing to shoulder the cost of an advanced education in order to move someone up within the company instead of hiring from without.

Certified marketers are also in demand. Offered by a wide variety of agencies in many fields, marketing certificates can show a potential or current employer a proven ability of the holder in marketing or a related area. Certificate programs are focused to provide education along with how to apply marketing without the courses found in a typical degree program. These certificates can be earned in as little as a weekend, may ask for a completion of an exam, renewal, and can have many other factors to them depending on who is giving them out.

A good example of such a certificate is the Accredited Public Relations Credential. It is given out by the Public Relations Society of America and even offers a specialty for those who want to work in public relations marketing for the military. If you have some extra money lying around, consider a marketing program such as the Harvard Strategic Marketing Management certificate. It is a popular choice with executives and can also be a good read for marketing students in what to expect from a prestigious certificate.