Online Marketing Degree Guru ;)OnlineMarketingDegree.org was created as a passion project by Adam Johnston.  After several unsuccessful attempts at college in the past, as 29 year old, he went back to college to earn a business degree.  It was unconventional for sure as he was confronted by glares from students that were 10 years younger, but he desired to earn a BA in Business. It’s never too late!

With extensive knowledge and experience already in marketing, the college experience provided a great foundation for learning marketing with a structured approach.  Even though he proud of his achievement, thoughts of doubt circled around whether the college chosen was the right choice.

Online Marketing is rapidly changing and techniques instilled in young — or not so young — students are quickly becoming obsolete.  The innovative colleges stay on top and that’s where we place our attention for this site.  We hope to grow OnlineMarketingDegree.org to become an organization which serves life learners to become the best at their craft!

We try to update the site regularly, so while it may take us a couple of days to respond, we promise well get back with you shortly.


– Adam Johnston


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